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Frequently Asked

Investors - FAQs

a.Why should I keep securities in joint names?

b.Can I avail the nomination facility?

c.If the holding is in joint names and either of the holders is deceased, what is the procedure for deletion of name?

d.I am the legal heir/executor in respect of the sole holder who is now deceased. How do I transmit the securities?

e.I am not a taxpayer, am I required to file a declaration for non-deduction of tax at source for my dividend/interest amount?

f. How do I obtain a duplicate Tax Deduction Certificate?

g.What are the ways I can receive the dividend/interest amount due to me?

h.How do I obtain a duplicate Tax Deduction certificate?

i.What are the features of the Electronic Clearing Facility (ECS) introduced by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI)?

j.How do I avail of the ECS Scheme introduced by Reserve Bank of India (RBI)?

k.What are the benefits of Dematerialisation of shares?

l.How do I open an account with a Depository and will I be periodically informed about the movement in my electronic account?

m.How do I convert my paper/physical certificates into an electronic holding / in dematerialised form?

n.Will I continue to receive corporate benefits?

o.How do I trade (buy/sell) in electronic form?

p.How can I reconvert my electronic holding into paper form?

q.Intimation to Shareholder holding Securities of the Company in physical form

r.Transposition: Can I interchange the order of names for my holdings?

s.Amalgamation/Consolidation: I have multiple folios, can I amalgamate the accounts?

t.Amalgamation/ Consolidation: I have certificates in various denominations, can these be consolidated into marketable lot/single certificate?

u.Change of Specimen Signature: Over a period of time, my signature has changed, what should I do to change my specimen signature in your records?

v.Change of Address: How do I record a change in my address?

w.How do I record a change in my address?

x.Loss of Securities: What should I do if my share/debenture certificates are lost/ stolen?

y.Old/time-barred instruments/unclaimed dividend/interest: I have an old warrant which I forgot to encash and is now time-barred? Can I still obtain the amount due to me?

z.Old/time-barred instruments/ unclaimed dividend/ interest: When is unclaimed dividend/interest amount transferred to the General Revenue Account/ Investor Education Protection Fund of the Central Government?

aa.Issue of New Certificates: How do I collect the new certificates issued on Exchange/Sub-division for some companies that I have not collected earlier?

bb.Change of Name: How do I apply for change of name?

cc.How do I register for e-Communication?

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